Membership and Mentoring Committee



  • Malinda Muller, Chair
  • Patty Horvath
  • Adriana Mark
  • Ann Hemmens
  • Angela Baldree
  • Kathy Carlson
  • Taryn Rucinski
  • Julia Viets
  • Jenn Dalglish — Board Liaison


  • Explore and implement creative techniques designed to increase membership and participation among various library types, especially Federal court and government law libraries
  • Conduct analysis of AALL membership rolls to ascertain who are potential GLLers and incentives needed to get them to join the SIS
  • Create and define a "mentorship bureau" which will identify at least one GLL mentor coordinator for each state or region of the country
  • Along with the Chair of SIS, send out "Welcome to the SIS" letter to all new members - create new member list each fall from AALL records and send letter by January.
  • Award 20-year pins and continue to generate documentation for maintaining membership longevity lists
  • Review and modify as needed the committee's timeline or procedures