Corrections & Errata

Beginning with the March 2008 issue, errata that warrant the posting of an updated TSLL issue are maintained on this page. An updated TSLL issue will be designated as “corrected” in its masthead. The particulars of changes are described below. TSLL errata are the sole responsibility of the editor-in-chief, Sara Campbell.


  • Page 3 (OBS-SIS From the Chair):
    Changed ‘January’ to ‘Junuary’ (the proper ‘Oregonism’ referring to how cold it can be in June in Oregon.

VOLUME 35, NO. 3 (MARCH 2010)

  • Page 31 (Renee D. Chapman Award Announcement):
    Changed last sentence of third paragraph to read: She has been chair of OBS-SIS, chair of the TS-SIS Serials Committee, and is currently chair of the TS-SIS Education Committee.
    (posted 3/17/2009)


  • Page 16 (MARBI Report), Proposal No. 2009-09: Changed spelling of “villancios” to “villancicos”.
  • Page 18 (MARBI Report), Discussion Paper No. 2009-DP06/3 (continued): Changed “32x range” to “37x range”.
  • Page 18 (MARBI Report), MARC 21 Format Changes to Accommodate RDA: Changed “32x fields” to “37x fields”.

VOLUME 34, NO. 3 (MARCH 2009)

  • Page 13 (Renee D. Chapman Award Announcement):
    Changed award year from 2008 to 2009
    (posted 3/17/2009)


  • Page 22 (Rare Book Cataloging Roundtable Report):
    Changed ‘Sarah Yates, University of Minnesota Law Library’
    to ‘Sabrina Sondhi, Diamond Law Library, Columbia University’
    (posted 1/23/2009)

VOLUME 33, NO. 3 (MARCH 2008)

  • Page 15 (first paragraph):
    Changed ‘primarily by myself as the Rare Books Librarian’
    to ‘primarily by myself and the Rare Books Librarian’
    (posted 4/24/2008)

VOLUME 30, NO. 3 (MARCH 2005)

  • TSLL changed format from print-only to electronic-only (via the web). Print subscriptions are no longer available.

VOLUME 23, NO. 2 (DECEMBER 1997)

  • The running title for volume 23, number 2 (December 1997) is incorrect except for on page 1 of the issue. Pages 2 to 26 are incorrectly designated as volume 23, number 1 (September 1997). A correction appears on page 1 of volume 23, number 3.

VOLUME 3, NO. 2  (FEBRUARY 1978)

  • The printed cover date, February 1977, is incorrect and should be February 1978.