About Us

Who We Are

Established in 1979, the Technical Services Special Interest Section (TS-SIS) has nearly 700 members from all types of libraries and includes all levels of experience.


TS-SIS promotes the communication of ideas, interests, and research in all areas of law library technical services, including acquisitions, cataloging and classification, preservation, binding, serials control, and management.

To Join

The TS-SIS is a close-knit group of professionals and encourages any AALL member to join and participate in our activities and committees. Visit the “How to Join TS-SIS” section of AALLNET at www.aallnet.org/tssis/join. Membership costs $20 on an annual basis.

If you are new to the profession and are reading this brochure for the first time, please visit our website at www.aallnet.org/tssis where you will find contact information and can learn more about the SIS.

Meeting Information

The TS-SIS Annual Business Meeting is held during the AALL Annual Meeting and Conference. Committees, roundtables, and discussion groups also meet during the Annual Meeting. All of these meetings are open to all AALL Annual Meeting attendees.

Education Programs and Workshops

At the AALL Annual Meeting, a number of educational programs and workshops are sponsored by the TSSIS. Additional roundtables meet to discuss a variety of timely topics affecting our profession. The TS-SIS also sponsors educational opportunities outside of the AALL Annual Meeting. These programs are advertised in a number of forums and take place on a periodic basis.

Standing Committees

Four standing committees are the heart of TS-SIS. Committee chairs often conduct surveys, study challenges and areas of concern, and plan educational activities on topics of interest to their constituents. Committees often work together as topics overlap between them.

  • The Acquisitions Standing Committee serves as the research and discussion group on areas of acquisitions and collection development.
  • The Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee addresses issues concerning descriptive and subject cataloging and the classification of legal materials in all formats.
  • The Preservation Standing Committee focuses on measures to preserve legal information, in all formats, that is at risk due to deterioration, neglect, or disaster and addresses issues related to the preservation of and access to digital content.
  • The Professional Development Committee plans and implements continuing education activities in any format that promote technical services-related professional development both during and beyond the AALL annual meeting.
  • The Serials Standing Committee provides a forum for addressing problems unique to serial publications, including, but not limited to, check-in systems, subscription agencies, binding, claiming, and record keeping.

Administrative Committees

  • The Awards Committee reviews potential recipients of the Renee D. Chapman Award and grants, such as the Marla J. Schwartz award, which are established by TS-SIS to support member attendance at AALL sponsored educational events.
  • The Bylaws and Handbook Committee is appointed to amend the bylaws. It is also responsible for maintaining and updating the section’s handbook.
  • The Education Committee solicits, reviews, and submits TS-SIS program proposals.
  • The Funding Research Opportunities Grant Committee, between TS-SIS and Online Bibliographic Services (OBS) SIS, provides funding for grants for librarians to perform research that will enhance law librarianship.
  • The Membership Committee facilitates member recruitment, retention, and involvement.
  • The Nominating Committee is responsible for preparing a slate of candidates for the TS-SIS elections.

TS-SIS Online

The official online publication of the TS-SIS and OBS-SIS is Technical Services Law Librarian (TSLL), which is published on a quarterly basis. Editorial policy states that it will carry reports of AALL Annual Meeting programs, act as the vehicle of communication for SIS committee activities, include reports on topics of current interest, and publish regular columns and special articles. TSLL has an editor, an associate editor, and an editorial board, jointly appointed by the TS-SIS and OBS-SIS. Columnists report on various topics of concern to both sections. TSLL is freely available on the web at www.aallnet.org/sis/tssis/tsll.

TSLL also sponsors TechScans, a blog (www.tslltechscans.blogspot.com) that shares the latest trends and technology tools of interest to technical services librarians.

TS-SIS members are automatically enrolled in our email discussion group where they can take advantage of members’ expertise by asking questions of the group or by browsing past postings on topics of interest. The TS-SIS website offers current and historical information about the section and provides contact information for officers and committee members, as well as a general members list. It provides news of upcoming events, as well as the bylaws and section handbook, and lists additional available resources.