FROG (Funding Research Opportunities Grant) Committee


Since 1997 TS-SIS has joined with LSRD-SIS to provide funding for grants for law librarians to perform research on topics that will enhance technical services law librarianship. The FROG Committee is comprised of six members: the chair, a representative-at-large, two representatives from TS-SIS, and two representatives from LSRD-SIS. Each representative serves for two years. The committee name was changed in 2015 from LSRD-SIS/TS-SIS Joint Research Grant Committee to FROG (Funding Research Opportunities Grant) Committee.

See the TS-SIS Handbook for more information about the committee.

See the LSRD-SIS website for more information about the Grant.



Jessie Tam (2023-2025)
Thurgood Marshall State Law Library

TS-SIS Representatives

Joe Anteau (2022-2024)
Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, PLC

Heather Buckwalter (2023-2025)
Creighton University School of Law

LSRD-SIS Representatives

Corinne Jacox (2022-2024)
Creighton University School of Law

Elaine Kong (2023-2025)
Georgetown University Law Library


Sue Kelleher (2023-2025)
Texas Tech University School of Law Library

Alex Zhang Receives FROG Grant

Alex Zhang, Research Professor of Law and Associate Dean at the Duke University Law School, has been awarded an $1,000 FROG Grant for her project: Empirical Assessment of Law Library Collection Using a Semi-supervised Machine Learning Model. Alex stated on her proposal, "to identify and evaluate library resources used by academics and researchers ..." "The project analyzes all the footnotes in the 200 papers written by law school faculty members in the last three years ." Alex's project will introduce a new classification system of current legal material and as a tool on collection development. She will be sharing her findings on multiple articles, blog post, panel discussion or webinar.