Marla Schwartz Education Grant

A grant to cover the cost of registration and travel expenses may be awarded to support attendance at AALL-sponsored educational events related to technical services (to include but not limited to cataloging, preservation, acquisitions, collection development, serials, electronic resources and management). The Marla Schwartz Grant provides reimbursement for expenses incurred at AALL affiliated programs. The Marla Schwartz grant may be awarded to support attendance at any of the events listed above, and/or, it may be used to support attendance at AALL’s Conference of Newer Law Librarians (CONELL). While an applicant for the Schwartz grant need not be a member of AALL or TS-SIS, the Awards Committee will give preference to those who plan careers in technical services law librarianship.


  • financial need
  • individuals who have not previously attended an AALL sponsored educational event
  • individuals who have not previously received a TS-SIS sponsored educational grant
  • new or student members of TS-SIS who have interest in professional development or scholarly activity
  • students in library science/information studies programs, who may not be a member of either AALL or TS-SIS, but who plan careers in technical services law librarianship

Each applicant must submit:

  • A resume that includes current position and relevant previous positions
  • Application Form which includes:
    • estimate of expenses for attending the event
    • statement of how much financial support will be provided by the applicant’s employer
    • expected graduation date (for student applicants)
    • brief statement (200 words maximum) explaining how attendance will help applicant achieve professional goals
    • one (1) reference letters supporting the application by individuals who are familiar with the applicant’s work or the applicant’s interest in professional development as a technical services law librarian


All application materials must be received by the TS-SIS Awards Committee Chair by May 1, 2024.

Each recipient will be expected to:

  • Write an article about their experience at the educational event for TSLL. Coordinate with TSLL editor for timing of article (Annual Meeting issue deadline is usually late August).
  • Attend the TS-SIS business meeting, virtually, or onsite if being held at the AALL Annual Meeting.
  • About Marla Schwartz

    Marla was Head of Acquisitions and Technical Systems, and a tenured member of the Law Library Faculty, at the Pence Law Library at American University, when she died from ovarian cancer. Before working at American University, Marla was Serials Librarian at George Mason University Library and Assistant Head of Serials at the Gelman Library at George Washington University.  She also worked as a technical services librarian at The Urban Institute and the U.S. Government Printing Office.

    Marla was active in professional library organizations at the local and national levels and a regular attendee of library conferences. She was a Board Member at Large of the Online Bibliographic Services Special Interest Section (OBS-SIS) of AALL and she served on the boards of the Law Library Society of Washington, DC, and the District of Columbia Library Association. She was Chair of the Serials Section of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services, a division of ALA, and she served as the AALL representative to SISAC, the Serials Industry Systems Advisory Committee.

    Marla was an intrepid conference attendee. She frequently made the summer circuit of the annual meetings of AALL, ALA and NASIG. She would then wind up the summer by traveling with her husband, Howard Morrison, to Ogunquit, Maine to relax. The picture of her here was taken on one of those trips.

    More important than her significant professional accomplishments, though, Marla was a dear friend to many in the library community. Those who knew her admired her, appreciated her many fine qualities, and drew strength from her courageous four-year battle with cancer. A number of Marla’s friends and colleagues wrote tributes to her that were published in the December 2005 issue of Serials Review. A few of their comments: “What I most remember about Marla was her natural ability to mentor students;” and “She was inevitably likeable, upbeat, and funny. She obviously enjoyed living, being actively involved in librarianship, and spending time with people she enjoyed;” and “Recurring themes emerge from these tributes: willingness to mentor, making time for fun, taking care of business, and forming lasting friendships that began with small professional steps.” There is also a memorial for Marla in the winter 2006 issue of Law Library Journal (119 KB PDF).

    Marla Schwartz was a dear friend to many, active in professional library organizations at the local and national levels, and a regular attendee of library conferences. TS-SIS continues the tradition of honoring her memory and professional achievements by offering grants that enable newer law librarians the opportunity to participate in the work of AALL and begin to build professional networks by supporting their attendance at the annual meeting or an AALL-sponsored conference or workshop.

    Continuation of this commemorative grant depends on your donations. Contributions can be made online or through the mail.

    Contribute Online by choosing Marla Schwartz Grant Contributions (login required). When you do so, we would appreciate your letting TS-SIS know by sending a brief email to the TS-SIS Secretary/Treasurer.

    Contribute by Mail by printing and mailing the form and a check or credit card information. When you do so, we would appreciate your letting TS-SIS know by sending a brief email to the TS-SIS Secretary/Treasurer.

    AALL is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and your contribution may be tax-deductible. You received no goods or services in exchange for your donation. To determine your options, consult with your tax professional. Tax ID #: 36-25-36424.