Bylaws & Handbook Committee

About Bylaws and Handbook Committee

The Bylaws Committee is appointed on an as-needed basis by the TS-SIS chair to bring the TS-SIS bylaws into conformity with AALL policies or to make other proposals to amend the bylaws as desired by the TS-SIS Executive Board. The committee consists of a chair and at least two other members.

See the TS-SIS Handbook for more information about the committee.


2017-2018 Member Roster


Suzanne Graham
University of Georgia
Phone: (706) 542-5082
Email: srgraham [at]


  • Judy Ann Chalmers (Sacramento County Public Law Library) jchalmers [at]
  • John Hostage (Harvard University) hostage [at]
  • Alan Keely (Wake Forest University) keelyda [at]
  • Shawn King (University of Wisconsin) shawn.king [at]
  • Hollie White (Curtin University) hollie.white [at]