Membership Annual Reports

Membership Committee Annual Reports

  • 2022 - 2023

    2022-2023 ANNUAL REPORT

    Members of the 2022-2023 Membership Committee

    • Lisa Britt Wernke, Chair, University of Cincinnati College of Law
    • Joe Anteau, Miller Canfield
    • Rachel Decker, Chapman
    • Noa Kaumeheiwa, Temple University School of Law
    • Kayla Reed, Louisiana State University School of Law


    TS-SIS welcomed 15 new members. Welcome emails were sent to each of the new members with a digital version of the TS-SIS brochure attached.


    TS-SIS will continue with the tradition of displaying a committee poster in the exhibit hall at the annual meeting.

  • 2019 - 2020

    Membership Committee
    2019-2020 Annual Report

    Submitted by: Joan Stringfellow (Chair)

    2019-2020 Members

    Joan Stringfellow (Chair), Shyama Agrawal, Annie Mellott, and George Prager.

    2020 Annual Meeting

    Usually the spring is spent preparing for the upcoming annual meeting. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. While we would normally be creating our Poster for the Activities Area in the exhibit hall, scheduling for greeting members stopping by our poster, we had to shift. Instead of our normal tasks, everybody was concerned with trying to figure out our new normal both at home and at work for the foreseeable future.

    While the Annual Meeting was converted to a virtual meeting, the committee was still able to participate in the CONELL Marketplace. Carol Collins, Vice-Chair of TS-SIS and myself as chair of the Membership Committee, had a Zoom room and waited for our new librarians to “stop by”. We gave them information about our group and answered their questions. Everyone that came in seemed excited and energetic about TS-SIS and the future. We had great conversations and I would say it was a success! The only thing that we might discuss if this format is used again would be having more time allocated since our CONELL librarians stated that they had some trouble attending all of the “tables”.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Joan Stringfellow
    Chair, TS-SIS Membership Committee

  • 2018 - 2019

    2018-2019 ANNUAL REPORT

    Submitted by: Joan Stringfellow (Chair)

    2018-2019 MEMBERS

    Joan Stringfellow (Chair), Shyama Agrawal, Tracy Eaton, Joy Humphrey, Annie Mellott, George Prager, Pat Sayre-McCoy, and Larissa Sullivant


    In preparation for the upcoming annual meeting in DC, the Committee members have been busy updating the poster content including current TS programs, committee members, grant recipients, and other events and helpful information. We will be staffing the poster in the activities area during the opening reception and all the non-compete times in the schedule.

    The committee will host a table during CONELL. Information about TS-SIS will be available for new members and other interested attendees. Several of the current committee members have volunteered to staff the table ready to enthusiastically welcome possible new members for the upcoming year.

    We also sent out an email message in advance of the meeting in DC to invite any technical services librarians to come join us in this SIS. It is a great SIS!!

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Joan Stringfellow

  • 2016 - 2017

    Membership Committee
    2016-2017 Annual Report

    Submitted by: Trina Holloway (Chair)

    2016-2017 Members

    Trina Holloway, Rachel Purcell, Patricia Sayre-McCoy, Joan Stringfellow and Lisa Britt Wernke

    New Members

    TS-SIS welcomed 21 new members. Eric Parker and Lauren Seney (TS Chair) provided a quarterly list of new members. Welcome emails were sent. Names of new members will be listed in the June issue of Technical Services Law Librarian. This was approved by the 2016-2017 Executive Board.

    2017 Annual Meeting

    AALL continues the tradition of posters instead of a table at the exhibit hall. Committee members assisted with updating the poster with current TS programs, committee members and events.

    The committee will host a table during CONELL. Information about TS will be available for new members and interested attendees.

  • 2015 - 2016

    Membership Committee
    2015-2016 Annual Report

    Submitted by: Sarah Lin (Chair)

    2015-2016 Members: Sarah Lin (chair), Ellen McGrath, Jennifer Noga, Betty Roeske, Joan Stringfellow, Lisa Wernke

    Welcomed 19 new members to TS-SIS with email.

    Committee revised the welcome email letter in August 2015. Hollie White (TS Chair) supplied monthly lists of new members to Sarah Lin (Membership Chair), who provided the names to the committee members. A rotation was established via Google Docs in August to share the monthly notification duties.

    Biennial Membership Survey

    The Committee made suggestions to Eric Parker (incoming TS Chair) for revising some of the questions and language in the membership survey before it was distributed.

    TS-SIS Brochure

    In late spring the committee began revising the TS-SIS brochure in advance of conference. In the process, we learned that revision and printing are coordinated by AALL headquarters and the deadline is fall. We compiled our suggested changes and will provide that information to the 2016/17 chair so that s/he can get started immediately after conference on a revised document.

    2016 Annual Meeting

    This year TS-SIS will have a poster, rather than a table, the committee will not staff the poster but will assist Hollie White in staffing the CONELL table. Sarah Lin shipped the previous conference supplies box to Hollie for evaluation. Sarah worked with Hollie and Ashley Moye to create the poster for the exhibit hall which will promote our SIS.

  • 2012 - 2013

    Membership Committee
    2012-2013 Annual Report

    Submitted by: Suzanne Graham (Chair)

    2012-2013 Members: Carol Morgan Collins, Jennifer Creevy, Suzanne Graham (chair), Yumin Jiang, Cynthia Myers, Jen Richter, Linda Sobey, Tara Summus, and Cindy Spadoni (ex-officio).

    Welcomed 12 new members to TS-SIS with email.
    Committee revised the welcome email letter in September 2012. Miriam Childs (TS Chair) and Jennifer Creevy supplied monthly lists of new members and Suzanne Graham (Membership Chair), who sent them our welcome emails. In May 2013, after the transfer of website to AALL servers, the committee again reviewed the letter and updated all the links in the letter.

    Recruit New Members
    Since January, Jennifer Creevy reviewed the list of new AALL members in the monthly president’s newsletter for prospective new members. Four new AALL members with technical services job responsibilities received an introductory email from Suzanne Graham during the spring 2013.

    Review TS SIS Self Promotion
    In early March 2013, Suzanne Graham sent out invitations to complete the TS-SIS volunteer survey to everyone who had left a business card at TS table at last year’s annual conference.

    Committee suggested an additional roundtable in Exhibit Hall to accommodate networking or committee discussions at Annual Meeting.

    AALL Mentorship Project
    In June 2013, AALL Membership Development Committee launched the new online mentoring program. Suzanne Graham sent out an email encouraging TS-SIS members to participate.

    Represent TS SIS at CONELL Marketplace and coordinates activities and staffing of TS-SIS table
    Linda Sobey arranged for purchase of pencils and post-its for new members that stop by our table. Tara Summus solicited, coordinated, and provided tips for table volunteers. Tara also revised the TSLL binder and provided a day-at-glance activity sheet for items of TS-related activities. Cindy Spaldoni coordinated silent auction. Suzanne Graham purchased two $25 Amazon gift cards for prizes at table and made a blue TS banner to drape over main table.

  • 2011 - 2012

    Membership Committee
    2011-2012 Annual Report

    Membership Committee – Carol Collins, Chair.

    This annual report covers the period from July 2011-June 2012.

    Committee members are Kathy Farrell, Beth Given, Virginia Bryant, Caroline Young, and Suzanne Graham-Ex-officio.

    The 2011 TS-SIS Incoming Executive Board meeting was held on Tuesday, July 26, at 4:15 p.m.

    During the 2011 meeting in Philadelphia the activities table was staffed and was a success.

    There were 26 new members, and welcome letters were sent to each new member.

    The TS-SIS Activities and Silent Auction tables have been scheduled. Many volunteer opportunities still exist.

    A $25 gift card drawing is being sponsored at the TS-SIS activities table, and giveaway candies are being provided.

    The Membership Chair will attend the 2012 CONELL introductory session.

    The Membership Committee is sponsoring a $25 gift card drawing for CONELL participants.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Carol Collins
    TS-SIS Membership Chair

  • 2009 - 2010

    Membership Committee
    2009-2010 Annual Report

    This annual report covers the period from July 2009-June 2010.

    • A new committee was organized for this 2009-2010 term.
    • Membership increased slightly for the 2009-2010, with 19 new members.
    • The activities table during the 2009 meeting in DC was staffed and was a great success.
    • Activities table for 2010 Meeting has been scheduled with 50% of the slots filled so far.
      • There is plenty more space for volunteers.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Sean Chen

  • 2008 - 2009

    2008-2009 ANNUAL REPORT

    This annual report covers the period from October 2008 to May 2009.

    • Sean Chen was brought on as Committee chair in October 2008 after June Liptay moved on.
    • Membership increased slightly for the 2008-2009 term.
    • Brochures had been redesigned in May 2008.
    • The activities table during the 2008 meeting in Portland was a great success. Starbucks gift cards were raffled off.
    • Welcome packets for new members for the 2009-2010 are being done.
    • Activities table for 2009 Meeting has been scheduled with 50% of the slots filled so far.
      • There is plenty more space for volunteers.
      • The Committee has been allocated 100.00 for a giveaway.

    Our activities have been pretty minimal this year.

    Submitted by:
    Sean Chen, Chair
    Duke University Law Library

  • 2006 - 2007

    TO TS-SIS CHAIR FOR 2006-07

    The committee continued into its second year with the membership unchanged, members include:

    • Jeffrey T. Bowen (Chair), Catalog and Bibliographic Control Librarian
      Florida International Univ.
    • Elizabeth (DeDe) Bradsher, Bibliographic Services Librarian
      Faulkner Univ.
    • Emerita Cuesta, Head of Tech Services
      Univ. of Miami
    • Sue Kelleher, Head Tech. Services
      Barry Univ.
    • Craig Lelansky, Serials Librarian
      Georgetown University Law Center
    • Linda Sobey, Acting Asst. Law Librarian for Tech. Services
      Florida A & M
    • Nancy Stancel, Head of Tech Services

    Below is a report of the activities of the committee in this past year and a couple of issues that need to be addressed in order to clarify things for the future success of this committee.

    • The committee discovered an issue which needs to be addressed for the future. Last year, along with the charge for the committee, a list of new members was included in the initial email to the chair. However, no information was ever provided as to where the list of new members came from. The chair made several attempts with multiple emails to several members of the board, but was unable to determine who would be responsible for reporting to the committee, the list of new members. Therefore, no welcome packet has been sent as of June 20. This can easily be resolved in the future by either more clearly identifying who has that information for future committee chairs, or by setting up a mechanism of automatically relaying that information to the committee (this would probably be preferred).
    • Craig Lelansky revised the volunteer request form and worked closely with Alan Keely and Martin Wisneski to get the revised form posted on the website. He did a good job and got it done quickly and deserves recognition for his work.
    • No committee member volunteered to serve as a representative of TS-SIS at the CONELL marketplace this year. Apparently there were no committee members who were going to be at AALL early enough and without conflict. However, there will be representation for TS-SIS at CONELL, otherwise the chair would have sent a general message to the listserv for volunteers.
    • No TS-SIS brochure revisions were needed this year, so the committee did not make any changes.
    • Each member attending the annual conference should sign up to serve at the TS-SIS activities table in the exhibit hall.
    • The committee created a flyer announcing the Marla J. Schwartz grant now offered by TS-SIS and made that flyer available at the TS-SIS activities table.
    • What role the committee and the chair are to play in the AALL Mentorship Project is unclear to the outgoing chair and should probably be resolved or clarified for the new chair and committee.