New Catalogers Roundtable


Alexis Zirpoli
Cataloging Services Librarian
University of Michigan Law Library
(734) 647-1563


The New Catalogers Roundtable serves as the networking and discussion group for individuals new to legal cataloging. Members will self-identify as “new”, and there will be no formal criteria for what makes someone eligible to join (apart from AALL membership). The Roundtable addresses the needs of the community by communicating through conference call, email, and the AALL platform of MyCommunities.


The facilitator of the Roundtable will be in charge of organizing conference calls, or other forums for discussion, by working to find a date and time for the meeting and setting the meeting agenda.

Members of the Roundtable can suggest topics or questions before the meeting or at any time through the MyCommunities site. The Roundtable will exist as an open forum for new catalogers to discuss their queries and frustrations, ask for advice, or to suggest a new resource for the group. Roundtable members may seek input and participation from more experienced professionals as needed.