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AALL E-newsletter
The AALL E-newsletter is a monthly electronic publication that includes brief news items and important reminders about upcoming events and deadlines that concern law librarians. It mails the the third Thursday of the month to the entire membership.


AALL E-briefing
AALL E-briefings are periodic electronic publications sent to the entire membership. E-briefings include important, timely announcements and information from the AALL president on behalf of the Association.


AALL Spectrum
AALL Spectrum is an award winning monthly magazine distributed free of charge to members of the American Association of Law Libraries. It publishes substantive, well-written articles on topics of real interest to law librarians, as well as news about the American Association of Law Libraries, including its chapters, committees and Special Interest Sections. Full issues of Spectrum are available on AALLNET. The Spectrum Blog publishes additional member-submitted content of interest to law librarians.


Law Library Journal
The Law Library Journal has been the "official" publication of the Association since 1908. It is published quarterly and distributed to members directly. Annual subscriptions are also available to non members. Full issues of LLJ are available on AALLNET.


AALL Membership Directory
Published annually each fall, the Membership Directory is distributed to all dues-paying members of the Association. The Directory lists all law libraries where there are AALL members.  

AALL Biennial Salary Survey
The only source for up-to-date, comparative salary information for law librarians, broken out (and cross-tabbed) by position, region, gender, education, years in current position, years of library experience, and membership in AALL.


  Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
Produced by the American Association of Law Libraries, the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) is a multilingual index to articles and book reviews appearing in approximately 540 legal journals published worldwide. It provides in-depth coverage of public and private international law, comparative and foreign law, and the law of all jurisdictions other than the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.


AALL/ILTA Digital White Paper
The AALL/ILTA Digital White Paper is a collaborative effort between AALL and the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA). The joint digital-only publication acknowledges the strategic alliance that has developed between law librarians and technologists in driving efficient and effective legal information management.


AALL Price Index for Legal Publications
The AALL Price Index for Legal Publications is a table-based report on the mean cost of titles and percentage increases over previous years for monographs, serial publications, legal periodicals, loose-leaf services, commercially published court reporters, and legal continuations, plus an appendix of all products and legal vendors that were surveyed. Members-only content.


   Guide to Fair Business Practices
The American Association of Law Libraries Guide to Fair Business Practices for Legal Publishers is premised on the belief that good customer service and positive customer relations benefit legal publishers as well as customers. Equally fundamental is the understanding that the relationship between publishers and customers must be built on mutual respect and trust.



   AALL Year in Review
The AALL Year in Review is published annually and corresponds to the presidential year, which begins and ends at the AALL Annual Meeting in July. The report summarizes the year's accomplishments and reports the Association's financial review. It is published online only.



   State-by-State Report on Authentication of Online Legal Resources
The State-by-State Report on Authentication of Online Legal Resources answers the very important and timely question, how trustworthy are state-level primary legal resources on the Web? The comprehensive report examines the results of a state survey that investigated whether government-hosted legal resources on the Web are official and capable of being considered authentic.



    AALL Universal Citation Guide
The Universal Citation Guide contains AALL's recommendations for universal citation rules for judicial decisions, statutes and administrative regulations. Designed in an easy-to-use format, the AALL Universal Citation Guide complements The Bluebook by effectively bridging the gap between the current print-based citation forms and the technology-based future of legal information.


      How To Research A Legal Problem: A Guide for Non-Lawyers
A free, informative seven-page online guide to help non-lawyers find legal rules that can resolve or prevent conflict. Avoiding jargon throughout, the guide covers the basic steps in legal research. It also describes basic sources of legal information, giving examples of legal encyclopedias, treatises, articles, codes, reporters, and digests. Published by the AALL Legal Information Services to the Public Special Interest Section.


  Law Librarians: Making Information Work
PLL SIS Resource Guide Series
Written from a management perspective, this eight-part series is especially appropriate for law firm administrators and managers who want a quick overview of the key points of a law library issue and how it may impact the law firm. The guides range from eight to 12 pages in length, and they are available as downloadable PDF files.


  Law Library Insights
SCCLL SIS Resource Guides
Law Library Insights is a four-part series of resource guides that educates court administrators at state, court, and county law libraries about the value law librarians bring to their organizations. These eight-page guides are available as a subscription series or by individual copy.
   AALL Legal Research Teach-In Kits
These training kits contain materials to help you design a Teach-In Week schedule, which concides annually with National Library Week. Each kit covers a wide range of subject areas with a focus on bringing together traditional legal resources and the newest electronic sources in one convenient package. The kits are sponsored by the AALL Research Instruction and Patron Services Special Interest Section and available as free downloads.

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