SIS Policies


AALL special interest sections (SIS) are part of AALL and are not separate legal entities, unlike AALL Chapters. Hence, SISs are required to conform to AALL policies, procedures, and guidelines, including the following policies that are specific to SISs.

Although SISs have some flexibility to use SIS resources, the AALL Executive Board is ultimately responsible for the stewardship of SIS funds.  As part of their fiduciary duties, decisions may be made that some expenditures are not in line with the AALL mission, vision, and strategic plan. Please note any spending of the SIS funds should be fiscally responsible to benefit the SIS members. Fiscal responsibility also means that current SIS leaders are thinking about the future, economizing, and ensuring that funds remain available for future SIS leaders to continue the work of the SIS.

Please contact the AALL Executive Director and/or the AALL President for questions or clarifications.


Due to not being a legal entity, SISs may not enter into any contract (including click-through contracts such as Zoom, SurveyMonkey) with any entity.

With respect to speaker agreements, prior to engaging a speaker SISs are required to request approval from the AALL Executive Director. Any programs hosted by an SIS should be consistent towards AALL mission, vision, and strategic plan. The Executive Director may also consult with the AALL President. After approval, any speaker contracts, or agreements that an SIS plans to enter into must be reviewed, approved, and signed by the AALL Executive Director. Additionally, the agreement needs to be between the “American Association of Law Libraries (AALL)” and the vendor.

Please complete this form to request approval.



All SIS accounts are maintained by AALL Headquarters. The SIS treasurer will receive quarterly statements from AALL, which will detail both the SISs revenues and expenses for that period. SISs may not maintain separate bank accounts.


An AALL member may join an SIS by paying the section dues to AALL at any time during the year. Per the AALL Bylaws, 50 percent of SIS dues paid is allocated to the appropriate SIS and the remaining 50 percent to AALL to support SIS activities and operating expenses. SIS accounts are credited monthly as SIS dues come in. Although dues are allocated to SIS accounts, this allocation is for internal purposes only. For IRS and legal purposes, dues or any money received by SISs are part of AALL and are under AALL’s oversight.


All expenditures by SISs must abide by AALL’s expense reimbursement policy.

Annual Meeting & Conference

To be reimbursed for Annual Meeting & Conference expenses (similar to other expenses) these expenses must be approved by AALL Headquarters before they occur. Please complete this form to provide information about your event. Refer to the SIS Annual Meeting Information page for information regarding the payment of expenses such as food and beverage, audio/visual equipment, non-AALL member speaker costs, etc. associated with SIS events and independently produced SIS programs.

Expenses Not Associated with the Annual Meeting & Conference

AALL trusts that SISs will be fiscally responsible in using the SIS funds for the benefit of the SIS membership and for the profession. If you are not sure whether an expense is appropriate, please reach out to AALL Headquarters. SISs are required to submit the AALL SIS Reimbursement Form whenever requesting reimbursement for expenses such as speaker fees, etc. Appropriate documentation must be attached to each reimbursement form submitted.


SISs may not solicit any external funds such as advertising, grants, sponsorships, etc.


SISs need to abide by the Speaking for AALL Policy. To that effect, SISs may not issue any statements to anyone outside of its SIS memberships.


The Executive Board is the only AALL entity that may approve, create, or revise any Association policy.


Any programs hosted by an SIS should be consistent towards AALL’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.