Chapter Anniversaries

The anniversary date is the date the organization was approved by AALL as an official chapter, according to Frank Houdek’s AALL Reference Book: A Compendium of Facts, Figures, and Historical Information About the American Association of Law Libraries, Chap. 5, ©1994.

ALLUNYAssociation of Law Libraries of Upstate New YorkJune 24, 1957

ChapterDate Approved1
ALLAAtlanta Law Libraries AssociationJune 23, 1980
CALLChicago Association of Law LibrariesJune 25, 1947
COALLColorado Association of Law LibrariesJuly 2, 1984
DALLDallas Association of Law LibrariesJune 14, 1982
GPLLAGreater Philadelphia Law Libraries AssociationJune 29, 1970
HALLHouston Area Law LibrariesJune 29, 1981
LLAALaw Libraries Association of AlabamaJuly 21, 1991
LLAGNYLaw Library Association of Greater New YorkJune 30, 1949
LLNELaw Librarians of New EnglandJune 24, 1948
LLOPSLaw Librarians of Puget SoundJune 18, 1990
MAALLMid-America Association of Law LibrariesJune 24, 1975
MALLMinnesota Association of Law LibrariesJuly 5, 1955
MichALLMichigan Association of Law LibrariesJune 23, 1980
NOALLNew Orleans Association of Law LibrariansJune 27, 1983
NOCALLNorthern California Association of Law LibrariesJune 23, 1980
ORALLOhio Regional Association of Law LibrariesJuly 1, 19702
SANDALLSan Diego Association of Law LibrariesJuly 14, 1998
SCALLSouthern California Association of Law LibrariesJuly 6, 1953
SEAALLSoutheastern Chapter of the American Association of Law LibrariesJune 29, 1940; June 28, 19543
SNELLASouthern New England Law Libraries AssociationJune 26, 1978
SWALLSouthwestern Association of Law LibrariesJuly 3, 1958
VALLVirginia Association of Law LibrariesJune 27, 1988
WESTPACWestern Pacific Chapter of the American Association of Law LibrariesJuly 1, 1968
WPLLAWestern Pennsylvania Law Library AssociationJune 26, 1978

Date approved as a chapter by AALL (unless otherwise noted).

“Organizational meeting of the Ohio Association of Law Libraries was held in April 1949 at Ohio State University Law Library…[ORALL] approved as a chapter on July 1, 1970.” Frank G. Houdek, AALL Reference Book 5A-4 (1994). (Hereafter AALL Reference).

“Originally organized as the North Carolina Law Librarians in 1937, an expanded group, the Carolinas Law Librarians, became AALL’s first chapter on June 29, 1940…[f]urther expansion led to the dissolution of the Carolinas Chapter and concurrent approval of the Southeastern Chapter on June 28, 1954.” AALL Reference 5A-5 (1994).