Executive Board

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Executive Members

  • Diane Rodriguez

    Diane Rodriguez

    Term: 7/19/2021 to 7/18/2022

    Assistant Director
    San Francisco Law Library
    San Francisco, California

  • Elizabeth Adelman

    Vice President
    Beth Adelman

    Term: 7/19/2021 to 7/18/2022

    Director of the Law Library & Vice Dean for Legal Information Services
    The University At Buffalo State University of New York
    Charles B. Sears Law Library
    University at Buffalo
    Buffalo, New York

  • Mary Jenkins

    Mary Jenkins

    Term: 7/19/2020 to 7/18/2023

    Director of Professional Development
    New Hampshire Bar Association
    Goffstown, New Hampshire

  • Cornell Winston

    Cornell H. Winston

    Term: 7/19/2019 to 7/18/2022

    Law Librarian & Records Center Supervisor
    United States Attorney’s Office
    Los Angeles, California

  • Emily Florio

    Immediate Past President
    Emily Florio

    Term: 7/19/2021 to 7/18/2022

    Senior Research Services Manager
    Hogan Lovells US LLP
    Washington, DC

Board Members

  • Susan David deMaine

    Susan David Demaine

    Term: 7/19/2020 to 7/18/2023

    Indiana University Maurer School of Law
    Bloomington, Indiana

  • Michelle Hook Dewey

    Michelle Hook Dewey

    Term: 7/19/2021 to 7/18/2024

    Electronic Services & Reference Librarian
    Mercer University Law Library
    Macon, Georgia

  • Stacy Etheredge

    Stacy Etheredge

    Term: 7/19/2020 to 7/18/2023

    Law Library Director
    University of Idaho Law Library
    Boise, Idaho

  • Emily Janoski-Haehlen

    Emily Janoski-Haehlen

    Term: 7/19/2019 to 7/18/2022

    Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & Library Services & Director of the Law and Technology Program
    University of Akron Law Library
    Akron, Ohio

  • Kristina Niedringhaus

    Kris Niedringhaus

    Term: 7/19/2021 to 7/18/2024

    Associate Dean for Law Library and Information Services & Professor
    Georgia State University College of Law Library
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Jason Sowards

    Jason R. Sowards

    Term: 7/19/2019 to 7/18/2022

    Library & Research Manager
    Locke Lord LLP
    Houston, Texas

Staff Liaison

  • Vani Ungapen

    Executive Director
    Vani Ungapen headshot