Nomination & Election Procedures

Revised March 2013

Nomination and Election Procedures

The AALL Bylaws, Article VI. Nominations and Elections provide for 1) the Nominations Committee, 2) the Nominations Procedures; 3) Ballot and 4) Elections.

Nominations Committee

Unlike other committee appointments, members of the Nominations Committee must be elected by the Executive Board. In practice, at the Spring Executive Board meeting, the Vice-President -Elect submits names of members to serve on the Nominations Committee and designates which continuing member of the committee will be chair. Care is taken to maintain a balance on the committee, particularly with regard to type of library and geography.

Nominations Procedures

The Bylaws provide for Nominations procedures in Article VI, Section 2. The Executive Board is not involved in the nomination process. The work of the committee is confidential.

Early in the year, the Call for Nominations is published in AALL Spectrum, the E-newsletter, and publicized to the membership. Members are invited to submit nominations using the nomination form.

The Nominations Committee meets to select a slate of candidates that, if elected, would maintain a balance on the Executive Board of members by library type, geography, sex, and minority representation to the fullest extent possible. Potential candidates are advised to review the Conduct of Election PolicyExecutive Board Roles and Responsibilities and Job Descriptions, and the Nomination and Elections Procedures as posted on AALLNET. Candidates are not advised of other names on the slate.

The committee presents to the President the names of at least two candidates for each Executive Board position, Vice President/President-Elect, and, in the appropriate years, Secretary or Treasurer, and the written acceptances of their nomination. The Secretary sends the membership notice of the slate of nominees not later than 30 days after the committee has presented the names and acceptances to the President. The notice states the procedure and deadline for submission of nominating petitions.

In current practice, once the President is notified of the slate, the rest of the Executive Board is notified via e-mail by the Secretary. Once the Board is informed, the information is publicized to the membership by AALL staff.

The Board is officially notified of the slate by a written report of the Nominations Committee. If the slate is finalized prior to the Annual Meeting, the Nominations Committee hosts an event during the meeting to provide members an opportunity to meet the candidates.

Conduct of Elections

The Conduct of Elections policy governs candidates during the election process for office in AALL.


The Bylaws specify that the Secretary prepares the official ballot. In practice, it is prepared by AALL staff under the direction of the Executive Director and approved by the Secretary. The ballot includes the name and professional position of each nominee. Ballots are distributed electronically.

Notification Procedures

  1. The Executive Director contacts the Secretary after the results have been tabulated, and gives her/him the certified summary of election results.
  2. The Secretary calls the successful candidates to let them know of their election and confirm that they will serve. A successful candidate who is not willing to serve immediately notifies the President so that Bylaws procedures for filling the vacancy can be implemented. After all successful candidates have been notified and accepted their election, the Secretary notifies the unsuccessful candidates.
  3. Once all candidates have been notified of the election results, the Secretary notifies the President and the Chair of the Nominating Committee and approves a posting by staff of an email announcement to be sent to the membership.
  4. The actual number of votes cast for each candidate is not included in any public announcement. Candidates may request that the Secretary provide them with the actual number of votes cast for the office they were seeking.
  5. Staff informs the Executive Board of the certified summary of election results that includes the total number of votes cast in the election.
  6. Within two business days after the tabulation, staff sends each candidate a letter notifying them of the election results.