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Policy Committee


The committee serves to represent, promote, and advocate the Association’s interests regarding copyright and other intellectual property issues in legislative, regulatory, and judicial affairs, including litigation.


The committee shall monitor developments and shall inform and advise the Executive Board and the Government Relations Office on copyright and other intellectual property matters. In addition, the committee shall inform the membership of notable copyright and intellectual property policy issues and other relevant matters. It will also provide educational opportunities about and tools for copyright law to the membership.

The committee shall coordinate with the Government Relations Office to communicate Association views on copyright and other intellectual property issues to all levels of government. The committee may, in accordance with committee and Association policy, work with the Government Relations Office to prepare and communicate Association positions to appropriate governmental bodies and to other interested groups, while keeping the president and the Executive Board informed of all such efforts. The manner of communication on critical issues shall be determined by the chair, the government relations director and the president.


An active member should expect to spend at least an average of two to four hours per month on committee business. This includes drafting program proposals, developing issues briefs, following copyright issues in the news, and attending a monthly conference call. The time commitment ebbs and flows if an issue is moved to the front burner and the committee needs to be ready to respond. Note: Time commitments are estimates from past assignments and can change with new projects or requests for assistance from the Executive Board.


Members must have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in copyright law, as well as dedication to following legal developments in copyright and contributing to the committee’s work. All members must submit a conflict of interest statement in accordance with the AALL Conflict of Interest Policy. When appointing members to subcommittees or to work on particular tasks, the chair shall use his or her best judgment to avoid any real or perceived bias or conflict of interest.


Membership on the committee shall normally be for three years. The returning member selected as vice chair at the end of the first year shall serve in that capacity in the second year, and become chair of the committee in the third year.


The committee shall normally consist of a chair, a vice chair, five members, and a non-voting Executive Board and staff liaison. In addition, the Association’s president-elect may choose to appoint one or more members with significant copyright expertise to serve as informal advisors to the committee.

When making appointments to this committee, the president-elect will strive to achieve a balance among the interests of members employed in different settings whenever that can be accomplished while also serving the most important requirement of committee membership, which is the need for demonstrated knowledge and expertise in copyright matters. When appointing the chair of the committee, the president-elect shall use his or her best judgment to avoid any potential or perceived conflict of interest.


  • Goal III: Alliances


The committee consults with the following other committees on relevant issues, as necessary:

  • Government Relations Committee
    The committee shall consult with the Government Relations Committee when policy issues handled by the two committees overlap.