Past AALL Presidents

Past AALL Presidents / 1906-2023

(2022-2023) Elizabeth G. Adelman, University At Buffalo State University of New York
(2021-2022) Diane M. Rodriguez, San Francisco Law Library
(2020-2021) Emily Florio, Hogan Lovells US LLP
(2019-2020) Michelle Cosby, Temple University School of Law
(2018-2019) Femi Cadmus, Duke University School of Law
(2017-2018) Gregory Lambert, Jackson Walker LLP
(2016-2017) Ronald E. Wheeler Jr, Boston University
(2015-2016) Keith Ann Stiverson, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
(2014-2015) Holly M. Riccio, O’Melveny & Myers LLP
(2013-2014) Steven P. Anderson, Maryland State Law Library
(2012-2013) Jean M. Wenger, Cook County Law Library
(2011-2012) Darcy Kirk, University of Connecticut School of Law Library
(2010-2011) Joyce Manna Janto, University of Richmond School of Law Library
(2009-2010) Catherine Lemann, Alaska State Court Law Library
(2008-2009) James E. Duggan, Tulane University Law Library
(2007-2008) Ann T. Fessenden, U.S. Courts Library 8th Circuit
(2006-2007) Sarah (Sally) Holterhoff, Valparaiso University School of Law Library
(2005-2006) Claire M. Germain, Cornell University Law School
(2004-2005) Victoria K. Trotta, Arizona State University Ross-Blakley Law Library
(2003-2004) Janis L. Johnston, University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign Albert E. Jenner Memorial Law Library
(2002-2003) Carol Avery Nicholson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Law Library
(2001-2002) Barbara A. Bintliff, University of Colorado Law Library
(2000-2001) Robert L. Oakley, Georgetown University Law Center
(1999-2000) Margaret Maes Axtmann, University of Minnesota Law Library
(1998-1999) James S. Heller, College of William & Mary Marshall-Wythe Law Library
(1997-1998) Judith Meadows, State Law Library of Montana
(1996-1997) Frank G. Houdek, Southern Illinois University Law Library
(1995-1996) Patrick E. Kehoe, American University
(1994-1995) Carol D. Billings, Law Library of Louisiana
(1993-1994) Kay M. Todd, Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walter
(1992-1993) Mark E. Estes, Holme Roberts & Owen
(1991-1992) Carolyn P. Ahearn, Shaw Pittman Potts & Trowbridge
(1990-1991) Penelope A. Hazelton, University of Washington Law Library
(1989-1990) Richard A. Danner, Duke University Law Library
(1988-1989) Margaret A. Leary, University of Michigan Law Library
(1987-1988) Albert O. Brecht, University of Southern California Law Library
(1986-1987) Laura N. Gasaway, University of North Carolina Law Library
(1985-1986) Robert C. Berring, University of California, Berkeley Law Library
(1984-1985) Jacquelyn J. Jurkins, Multnomah Law Library
(1983-1984) M. Kathleen Price, University of Minnesota Law Library
(1982-1983) Leah F. Chanin, Mercer University Law Library
(1981-1982) Roger F. Jacobs, United States Supreme Court Library
(1980-1981) Francis Gates, Columbia University Law Library
(1979-1980) C. E. Bolden, Washington State Law Library
(1978-1979) J. Myron Jacobstein, Stanford University Law Library
(1977-1978) Al Coco, University of Denver Law Library
(1976-1977) Jack S. Ellenberger, Covington & Burling
(1975-1976) Jane L. Hammond, Villanova University Law Library
(1974-1975) Marian Boner, Texas State Law Library
(1973-1974) Erwin Surrency, Temple University Law Library
(1972-1973) Mary Oliver, University of North Carolina Law Library
(1971-1972) Viola A. Bird, University of Washington Law Library
(1970-1971) Morris Cohen, University of Pennsylvania Law Library
(1969-1970) William B. Stern, Los Angeles County Law Library
(1968-1969) Earl Borgeson, Harvard Law School Library
(1967-1968) William D. Murphy, Kirkland, Ellis, Hodson, Chaffetz Masters
(1966-1967) Kate Wallach, Louisiana State University Law Library
(1965-1966) Arthur Charpentier, Association of the Bar of The City of New York
(1964-1965) Louis Piacenza, University of California at Los Angeles Law Library
(1963-1964) Harry Bitner, Yale Law School Library
(1962-1963) Julius J. Marke, New York University Law Library
(1961-1962) Elizabeth Finley, Covington and Burling
(1960-1961) Helen Snook Roalfe, Detroit Bar Association Library
(1959-1960) Frances Farmer, University of Virginia Law Library
(1958-1959) Ervin H. Pollack, Ohio State University Law Library
(1957-1958) Helen Hargrave, University of Texas Law Library
(1956-1957) Dillard S. Gardner, North Carolina Supreme Court Library
(1955-1956) Carroll C. Moreland, University of Pennsylvania Law Library
(1954-1955) Marian G. Gallagher, University of Washington Law Library
(1953-1954) Lucile M. Elliott, University of North Carolina Law Library
(1952-1953) Forrest S. Drummond, Los Angeles County Law Library
(1951-1952) George A. Johnston, Law Society of Upper Canada
(1950-1951) Jean Ashman, Railroad Retirement Board Law Library
(1949-1950) Helen Newman, United States Supreme Court Library
(1948-1949) Hobart R. Coffey, University of Michigan Law Library
(1947-1948) Arie Poldervaart, University of New Mexico Law Library
(1946-1947) Laurie H. Riggs, Library Company of the Baltimore Bar
(1945-1946) Miles O. Price, Columbia University Law Library
(1944-1945) William S. Johnston, Chicago Law Institute
(1943-1944) Alfred A. Morrison, University of Cincinnati Law Library
(1942-1943) Bernita J. Long Davies, University of Illinois Law Library
(1941-1942) Sidney B. Hill, Association of the Bar of the City of New York
(1940-1941) Lewis W. Morse, Cornell University Law Library
(1939-1940) Arthur S. Beardsley, University of Washington Law Library
(1938-1939) Helen S. Moylan, University of Iowa Law Library
(1937-1938) James C. Baxter, Philadelphia Bar Association Library
(1936-1937) Fred Y. Holland, Colorado Supreme Court Library
(1935-1936) William R. Roalfe, Duke University Law Library
(1934-1935) Eldon R. James, Harvard University Law Library
(1933-1934) John T. Vance, Library of Congress Law Library
(1932-1933) S. D. Klapp, Minneapolis Bar Association Library
(1930-1932) Rosamond Parma, University of California Berkley, Law Library
(1928-1930) Frederick W. Schenk, University of Chicago Law Library
(1926-1928) John T. Fitzpatrick, New York State Library
(1924-1926) Sumner Y. Wheeler, Essex County Law Library Association
(1922-1924) Andrew H. Metee, Library Company of the Baltimore Bar
(1921-1922) Gilson G. Glasier, Wisconsin State Library
(1919-1921) Frederick C. Hicks, Columbia University Law Library
(1917-1919) Edward H. Redstone, Social Law Library; Massachusetts State Library
(1916-1917) Luther E. Hewitt, Law Association of Philadelphia
(1914-1916) E. J. Lien, Minnesota State Library
(1912-1914) Franklin O. Poole, Association of the Bar of the City of New York
(1910-1912) George S. Godard, Connecticut State Library
(1908-1910) E. A. Feazel, Cleveland Law Library Association
(1906-1908) A. J. Small, Iowa State Law Library