About Committees


The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) utilizes committees and juries to perform specific work for the Association which are outlined in the charge for each committee and jury. Work to be done is delegated to committees and proposals are formulated by committees for final decision by the Executive Board.

Committee and jury work provides an opportunity for AALL members to contribute to the Association while developing many skills needed in your profession (project management, writing, working within timelines, etc.) Being a member of a committee or jury requires a commitment to the Association and to the profession. Committee and jury members are expected to actively participate in the work of the committee/jury.

AALL Committees are divided into three types:

  1. Process Committees perform a continuing function and remain in existence until abolished.
  2. Policy Committees are those whose work involves issues of an advisory or policy nature.   Policy Committees remain in existence until abolished.
  3. Special Committees are those appointed for specific tasks performed over a specific period of time.

The terms on committee/juries vary from one (1) to three (3) years.

AALL committees and juries are governed by the AALL Bylaws, procedures, policies, and charges adopted by the Executive Board and/or President.


The size of each committee/jury is outlined in the Charge.



Appointments– Once the AALL call for volunteers has been completed, the Appointments Committee, chaired by the AALL Vice President, appoints members to AALL committees and juries with some exceptions.  The AALL Vice President-Elect appoints Committee/Jury vice chairs and presents those names to the Appointments Committee.

The Appointments Committee is appointed by the Vice President.

The Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) members are appointed by the Vice President and the AMPC Chair in consultation with many groups and individuals.

The Nominations Committee members are proposed by the Vice President-Elect and are presented to the Executive Board for approval at the spring Executive Board meeting.

Term–Committee members serve a term of either two or three years.  Jury members serve a term of one year. The terms are outlined in the charge for each committee/jury.

Qualifications–Some committees require special qualifications which are included in the committee’s charge.   Being able to commit to deadlines and actively contribute your ideas are additional qualifications needed.


Appointments–Special Committee members are appointed by the AALL President.

Term–Special Committee members serve a term specified in their charge, set to accomplish the purpose for which the committee was created up to a maximum of one year.

Qualifications–members chosen will have the skills and commitment to meet deadlines for the tasks specified for the committee.


Where possible, the committee/jury members will reflect a balance of library types, diversity, and experience.