Nominations Committee

TYPE: Process Committee

PURPOSE: The Nominations Committee proposes candidates for consideration for Association offices as provided for in the Bylaws Article VI.

CHARGE: The Committee shall present a slate of candidates to the membership in accordance with the procedures specified in the Bylaws. The Committee shall present a slate that, if elected, would maintain a balance on the Executive Board of members by library type, geography, sex, and minority representation to the extent possible. The Committee shall solicit names of possible nominees from the membership and propose possible nominees itself. The Committee shall select from those names viable candidates to provide leadership to the Association. Prior to the presentation of the slate, the Committee shall determine if the nominees are willing and able to stand for election.

MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS: Selection for membership on the Committee should take into consideration a member's depth of experience with and knowledge of Association goals and objectives. Members of the Executive Board are ineligible. No member of the Committee may be a candidate for office at the succeeding election. The Chair and Committee members must be approved by the Executive Board.

TENURE: Members of the committee shall serve non-renewable two-year terms beginning at the conclusion of the Association's (July) Annual Meeting.  Appointments to the committee are prescribed by the Bylaws Article VI.

SIZE: The Committee shall consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, five (5) members, and a non-voting Executive Board and staff liaison. Normally, the Vice President serves as the liaison.


Goal III: Leadership

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER COMMITTEES/STRUCTURES: Input is solicited from the Diversity Committee, the Mentoring and Retention Committee, the AALL SIS Council, the Council of Chapter Presidents, SIS Chairs, and Chapters through the Chapter Presidents, for potential nominees. Headquarters Staff provides current documentation of the members who have held positions of leadership within the Association and its units.