Resolution Celebrating the Adoption of Iowa’s Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act

Approved at the Business Meeting, July 2019

WHEREAS, House File 743 adopting the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act (UELMA) was signed into law on May 8, 2019, effective July 1, 2019; and

WHEREAS, the American Association of Law Libraries believes that permanent public access to official, authentic legal information is critical to the legal system of the United States; and

WHEREAS, UELMA provides a technology-neutral, outcomes-based approach to ensuring that online state legal material designated as official will be authenticated, preserved, and made permanently available to the public in unaltered form; and

WHEREAS, UELMA promotes access to justice by ensuring access to trustworthy primary legal materials; and

WHEREAS, members of the American Association of Law Libraries and its chapters have advocated for UELMA’s adoption in Iowa and throughout the United States and its territories; and

WHEREAS, House State Government Chair Representative Bobby Kaufmann was instrumental in sponsoring the bill and advocating for its passage up to and including a final amendment during the last week of session and Representative Andy McKean was the original floor manager and advocate for the bill; and

WHEREAS, Senate State Government Chair Senator Roby Smith provided leadership and appointed Senator Chris Cournoyer as the floor manager of the bill, and she strongly advocated for the bill’s passage; and

WHEREAS, Governor Reynolds signed the bill on May 8 and Representative Jon Jacobsen, a member of the original subcommittee, was present to join in the ceremony; and

WHEREAS, the Legislative Services Agency recognized the importance of the bill and worked to improve it technically; now therefore, be it,

RESOLVED, that the American Association of Law Libraries hereby expresses sincere thanks and appreciation for the leadership and support from Senators Roby Smith and Chris Cournoyer and Representatives Bobby Kaufmann, Andy McKean, and Jon Jacobsen.