Bylaws and Resolutions Committee

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The purpose of the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee is to serve as a resource for the Association, SISs, chapters, and members on questions relating to the bylaws and parliamentary procedure in accordance with existing AALL Bylaws.


The committee shall, as requested by the Executive Board, the president, the membership, or on its own initiative: study problems concerning the Association’s Bylaws; interpret bylaw questions; draft possible amendments to the bylaws; and, implement solutions to bylaws-related problems. The committee shall maintain an official text of the AALL Bylaws incorporating all changes as adopted by the membership and shall verify as correct all published texts of the AALL Bylaws.

In accordance with the Association Bylaws, the committee shall review all chapter and SIS constitutions and bylaws, when adopted or amended, for conflict or inconsistency with the Association documents. The committee shall advise chapters and SISs on means of resolving conflicts among the documents. The committee shall request Executive Board action when necessary to bring chapter and SIS documents into conformity with those of the Association. The committee shall advise chapters and SISs of changes in the Association Bylaws that may require amendment of chapter and SIS documents to avoid conflict or inconsistency. The committee shall serve as a resource on proposed amendments and offer advisory opinions on drafting questions to chapters and SISs.

Following procedures and policies approved by the AALL Executive Board, the committee shall also be responsible for reviewing resolutions which are submitted by AALL members or entities and for forwarding those resolutions to the AALL executive director and AALL secretary for consideration at the AALL Business Meeting at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

Revised July 2008, Executive Board Meeting, Tab 11


The committee does not have a fixed schedule. Recently, the time commitment was usually one to three hours per month (with no activity in some months.) At random times, chapters and SISs will submit proposed bylaw changes for review and, depending on the extent of revision, a committee member might spend up to an hour reviewing. Note: Time commitments are estimates from past assignments and can change with new projects or requests for assistance from the Executive Board.


Experience with bylaw drafting, revision, or parliamentary procedure is desirable.


Membership on the committee shall normally be for two years, except that the vice chair and chair will each serve three years. The returning member selected as vice chair at the end of the first year shall serve in that capacity in the second year, and become chair in the third.


The committee shall normally consist of a chair, vice chair, five members, and a non-voting Executive Board and staff liaison. Normally the Association secretary serves as the Executive Board liaison.


  • Goal 1: Championing Excellence
  • Goal 3: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Goal 5: Advocacy


The Association secretary also maintains a copy of the official text of the Association Bylaws.