Liaisons to Vendors


Bloomberg Law

Jeanne Price
Assoc Dean for Academic Affairs; Director of the Law Library
University of Nevada-Las Vegas William S. Boyd School of Law
Wiener-Rogers Law Library
4505 Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89154-1080

Thomson Reuters

Elizabeth Outler
eResources Librarian
LAC Group
2029 Century Park East, Suite 438
Los Angeles, CA 90067


Monique Gonzalez
Research Librarian
Norton Rose Fulbright
1301 McKinney Street, Ste 5100
Houston, TX 77010-3095

Wolters Kluwer

Jane Bahnson
Head, Research & Instruction and Senior Lecturing Fellow
Duke University School of Law
Michael Goodson Law Library
Durham, NC 27708-0361

Qualifications For Liaisons

  1. Liaisons will be chosen by the CRIV Chair in consultation with the CRIV Vice-Chair and the AALL President
  2. The CRIV Chair will consult CRIV members' committee applications and conflict of interest forms when choosing liaisons
  3. Liaisons will be members of the CRIV Advocacy Subcommittee
  4. Liaisons must not be currently employed by a vendor
  5. Liaisons must meet at least one of the four criteria:
    1. Currently serves as CRIV Chair
    2. Currently serves as CRIV Vice-Chair
    3. Served at least one year on the CRIV Advocacy Subcommittee
    4. Worked directly with vendors on a day-to-day basis for at least two years

Responsibilities of Liaisons

  1. Liaisons will review AALL's antitrust policies at the beginning of their term and consult with AALL staff as necessary. This includes AALL's Vendor Relations Policy.
  2. Liaisons will be assigned a single vendor for the year
  3. Liaisons will serve as the primary contact for their assigned vendor when the CRIV Advocacy Subcommittee responds to Requests for Assistance
  4. Liaisons will schedule semi-annual conference calls with the vendor. The agenda for the call will be initiated by the CRIV liaison, and all participants can submit agenda items. The agenda will be approved by all parties prior to the call.Participants will include:
    1. The assigned liaison for that vendor
    2. The AALL Executive Director
    3. The primary library relations contact for that vendor
    4. If necessary, one or more additional representatives of the vendor or the CRIV Advocacy Subcommittee

    Topics for discussion will include:

    1. Information from the vendor they believe pertinent to AALL and law libraries
    2. An update on AALL programs and activities of interest to the vendor
    3. Requests for Assistance that have been submitted
    4. Topics of interest related to the work of the CRIV Advocacy Subcommittee
    5. Recent or upcoming changes or developments regarding the vendor's products or policies
    6. Other issues of relevance to the discussion.
  5. Liaisons will be responsible for the following reports and communications after each conference call:
    1. Written report to the AALL Executive Board
    2. Verbal report to the CRIV Advocacy Subcommittee
    3. Written report for The CRIV Sheet and/or CRIV Blog