AALL Champions

Ambassadors to the Profession & AALL

Thank you to our AALL Champions for their support of the profession and the Association. Learn More About the
AALL Champion Upgrade


Amy Affelt
Lora Anderson
Emily Carr
Elaine Egan
Joel Fishman

Joseph Hinger
June Liebert
Anna McGrane
Gretchen Van Dam


Luis Acosta
Elizabeth Adelman
Amy Affelt
Jamie Baker
Patricia Barbone
Marcia Bell
Adam Bent
Michael Bernier
Sharon Bradley
Camille Broussard
Kathy Carlson
Miriam Childs
Andrew Christensen
Charles Cole
Cattleya Concepcion
Linda Corbelli
Michelle Cosby
Harris Crooks
John DiGilio
Amy Eaton
Jillian Eaton

Amy Emerson
Mark Estes
Ashley Evans
Susan Falk
Juliette Felde
Maria Femenia
Joel Fishman
Emily Florio
Krista Ford
Stacy Fowler
Daniella Garcia
Maria Estrella Garland
Eugene Giudice
Leah Granger
Marcia Hannon
Edward Hart
Joseph Hinger
Emily Janoski-Haehlen
Joyce Manna Janto
Mary Jenkins
Tunisia Johnson

Karin Johnsrud
Don Killinger
Esther Koblenz
Diana Koppang
Michelle LaPorte
Amy Latalladi-Fulton
June Liebert
David Mao
Mike Martinez
Saskia Mehlhorn
Lawrence Meyer
Wendy Moore
Allen Moye
Kristina Niedringhaus
Karen Oesterle
Alicia Pappas
Charles Pipins
Evelyn Quillen
Holly Riccio
Diane Rodriguez

Maureen Rossi
Anna Russell
Shelby Shanks
Bonnie Shucha
Leanna Simon
Brendan Starkey
Maryruth Storer
Belle Teesdale
Kay Todd
Mark Torchiana
Amy Towell
Mary Voegtle
Ed Walters
Christopher Walunas
Gail Warren
Jean Wenger
Sarah Wiant
Jean Willis
Andrew Winston
Cornell Winston

* NOTE: AALL members who upgrade between June 12, 2023, through June 13, 2024, will be recognized in the 2024 AALL Awards Brochure and the September/October 2024 issue of AALL Spectrum. Champions will also receive recognition at the 2024 AALL Annual Meeting & Conference and one complimentary Association Luncheon ticket.