AALL Champions

Ambassadors to the Profession & AALL

Thank you to our AALL Champions for their support of the profession and the Association. Learn More About the
AALL Champion Upgrade


John Adkins
Amy Affelt
Donna Bausch
Sharon Bradley
Emily Carr
Cattleya Concepcion
Jacquelyn Jurkins
Billie Kaufman
Christy MacKinnon
David Mao
Allen Moye
Victoria Trotta
Andrew Winston
Cornell Winston


Elizabeth G. Adelman
Jamie J. Baker
Patricia E. Barbone
Marcia R. Bell
Michael G. Bernier
Justin Brownstone
Joanne Camejo
Daniel Warren Cardwell
Kathy Carlson
Miriam D. Childs
Michelle Cosby
Joseph A. Custer
Andre Davison
John Joseph DiGilio
Amy J. Eaton
Stacy Etheredge
Emily R. Florio

Krista Ford
Eugene M. Giudice
Edward T. Hart
Penny A. Hazelton
Joseph P. Hinger
Mary Jenkins
Tunisia Johnson
Amy Latalladi-Fulton
Catherine Lemann
June Hsiao Liebert
Mike Martinez Jr.
John Mayer
Lawrence R. Meyer
Dan Miller
Alicia M. Pappas
Charles A. Pipins II
Holly M. Riccio

Kathleen Richman
Diane M. Rodriguez
Maureen Rossi
Karen Selden
Jeffrey A. Sewell
Keith Ann Stiverson
Jonathan C. Stock
Maryruth Storer
Gretchen Van Dan
Ed Walters
Christopher Walunas
Gail Warren
Steve Wasserman
Jean M. Wenger
Deborah Wiesehan
Jean L. Willis