Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award


The Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award honors outstanding achievement in researching and writing an article published in Law Library Journal for the preceding volume year. The Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award Jury will review each article of Law Library Journal and will select the recipient(s) of the award and submit the winning recipient’s name(s) to the Awards Committee.


The purpose of the award is twofold: (1) to honor outstanding achievement in research and writing as represented by a work published in the Law Library Journal: and (2) to encourage the submission of such works of high quality to the Law Library Journal.


An appropriate commemorative of the award, such as a plaque, certificate, or similar token, will be given to each recipient. The exact form of the award will be determined by the Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award Jury. The name and achievement of the recipient will be announced in the same manner as that currently afforded other AALL award winners.



All articles published in the completed volume of Law Library Journal for the preceding calendar year, regardless of actual date of publication, are eligible for consideration for the award. A completed volume will generally consist of four issues, designated winter, spring, summer, and fall. Length and format of the article will not affect eligibility.

Articles originally published elsewhere will not be eligible for the award. However, revisions of previously published works or pieces originally presented in another form or media (e.g., paper presented at a conference) will be eligible for consideration.


Although not inclusive, the following are factors which may be considered in determining the recipient of the award:

  • Contribution to research and scholarship on topics relating to law librarianship, including practical applications for library work
  • Contribution to law librarianship as a profession
  • Contribution to an understanding of legal materials and legal information
  • Quality of writing and effectiveness of the communication technique utilized for the information sought to be conveyed


Subject to scheduling requirements adopted by the Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award Jury, the Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award will be determined under the following procedure.

  1. The jury shall select one or more recipients of the award or no recipient if it deems none of the nominees sufficiently qualified.
  2. The award recipient(s) must be selected by March 1, 2023.
  3. The award will be announced and presented during a virtual awards presentation and at the Annual Meeting following the selection of the recipient by the Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award Jury.


  • 2020 - 2023


    Michelle M. Wu, Retired
    Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law
    Georgetown University Law Library
    Alexandria, VA

    “Restoring the Balance of Copyright: Antitrust, Misuse, and Other Possible Paths to Challenge Inequitable Licensing Practices,” 114 Law Library Journal 131 (2022)


    Rebecca Chapman
    Undergraduate Law Outreach Librarian & Indigenous Outreach Librarian
    University at Buffalo School of Law
    State University of New York
    Buffalo, NY

    “Protecting Our Spaces of Memory: Rediscovering the Seneca Nation Settlement Act Through Archives,” 113 Law Library Journal 173 (2021)



    Julie Graves Krishnaswami
    Associate Law Librarian for Research Instruction
    Yale Law School Lillian Goldman Library
    New Haven, CT

    Shawn G. Nevers
    Deputy Director
    Howard W. Hunter Law Library
    Brigham Young University
    Provo, UT

    “The Shadow Code: Statutory Notes in the United States Code,” 112 Law Library Journal 213 (Spring 2020)


    Frederick W. Dingledy
    Senior Reference Librarian
    Wolf Law Library
    William & Mary Law School
    Williamsburg, VA

    “From Stele to Silicon: Publication of Statutes, Public Access to the Law, and the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act,” 111 Law Library Journal 165 (2019)

  • 2010 - 2019


    Peter W. Martin
    Emeritus Professor of Law
    Cornell University School of Law
    Ithaca, NY

    “District Court Opinions That Remain Hidden Despite a Longstanding Congressional Mandate of Transparency–The Result of Judicial Autonomy and Systemic Indifference,” 110 Law Library Journal 305 (2018)


    Susan Nevelow Mart
    Director of the Law Library and Associate Professor
    University of Colorado Law School
    William A. Wise Law Library
    Boulder, CO

    “The Algorithm as a Human Artifact: Implications for Legal [Re]Search,” 109 Law Library Journal 387 (2017)


    Janet Sinder
    Director of the Library & Associate Professor of Law
    Brooklyn Law School
    Brooklyn, NY

    “The Effects of Demand-Driven Acquisitions on Law Library, Collection Development,” 108 Law Library Journal 155 (2016)


    Laura J. Ax-Fultz
    The Dickinson School of Law of the Pennsylvania State University, Dickinson Law
    Carlisle, PA

    “Igniting the Conversation: Embracing Legal Literacy as the Heart of the Profession,” 107 Law Library Journal 421 (2015)


    Joseph D. Lawson
    Deputy Director
    Harris County Law Library
    Houston, TX

    “What About the Majority? Considering the Legal Research Practices of Solo and Small Firm Attorneys,” 106 Law Library Journal 377 (2014)


    D.R. Jones
    Associate Dean for Information Resources, Law Library Director, and Assistant Professor of Law
    University of Memphis, Cecil. C. Humphreys School of Law
    Memphis, Tennessee

    “Locked Collections: Copyright and the Future of Research Support,” 105 Law Library Journal 425 (2013)


    Sharon Hamby O’Connor
    Associate Professor Emerita

    Mary Sarah Bilder
    Professor and Michael and  Helen Lee, Distinguished Scholar

    Boston College Law School
    Newton, MA

    “Appeals to the Privy Council before American Independence: An Annotated Digital Catalogue”


    Sarah Yates
    Foreign Law and Rare Books Cataloger
    University of Minnesota Law Library
    Minneapolis, MN

    “Black’s Law Dictionary: The Making of an American Standard,” 103 Law Library Journal 175 (2011)


    Amanda M. Runyon
    Outreach Services Coordinator
    Tarlton Law Library, Jamail Center for Legal Research
    The University of Texas School of Law
    Austin, TX

    Leslie A. Street
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, Reference/Faculty Research Reference Librarian
    Kathrine R. Everett Law Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Chapel Hill, NC

    “Finding the Middle Ground in Collection Development: How Academic Law Libraries Can Shape Their Collections in Response to the Call for More Practice-Oriented Legal Education,” 102 Law Library Journal 399 (2010)


    Stephanie L. Plotin
    UCLA Hugh and Hazel Darling Law Library

    “Legal Scholarship, Electronic Publishing, and Open Access: Transformation or Steadfast Stagnation,” 101 Law Library Journal 31 (2009)

  • 2000 - 2009


    Sarah Hooke Lee
    Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Information and Research Services
    Northeastern University School of Law Library
    Boston, Massachusetts

    “Preserving Our Heritage: Protecting Law Library Core Missions through Updated Library Quality Assessment Standards,”100 Law Library Journal 9 (2008)


    Daniel Dabney
    Thomson Reuters Global Resources
    Zug, Switzerland

    “The Universe of Thinkable Thoughts: Literary Warrant and West’s Key Number System,” 99 Law Library Journal 229 (2007)


    Susan Nevelow Mart

    “Let the People Know the Facts: Can Government Information Removed from the Internet Be Reclaimed?,” 98 Law Library Journal 7 (2006)


    Michael Whiteman

    “Appellate Court Briefs on the Web: Electronic Dynamos or Legal Quagmire?,” 97 Law Library Journal 467 (2005)


    Susan Nevelow Mart

    “Protecting the Lady from Toledo: Post-USA PATRIOT Act Electronic Surveillance at the Library,” 96 Law Library Journal449 (2004)


    Georgia Briscoe
    Karen Selden
    Cheryl Rae Nyberg

    “The Catalog vs. the Home Page? Best Practices in Connecting to Online Resources,” 95 Law Library Journal 151 (2003)


    Nancy Carol Carter
    Director and Professor of Law
    University of San Diego, School of Law and Legal Research Center
    San Diego, CA

    “American Indians and Law Libraries: Acknowledging the Third Sovereign,” 94 Law Library Journal 7 (2002)


    Lee R. Nemchek

    “Records Retention in the Private Legal Environment: Annotated Bibliography and Program
    Implementation Tools,” 93 Law Library Journal 7 (2001)


    Steven J. Melamut

    “Pursuing Fair Use, Law Libraries and Electronic Reserves,” 92 Law Library Journal 157 (2000)


    Marie Stefanini Newman

    “Evaluation Criteria and Quality Control for Legal Knowledge Systems on the Internet: A Case Study,” 91 Law Library Journal (1999)

  • 1990 - 1999


    Elizabeth M. McKenzie
    Kathleen E. Casey

    “Using Adaptive Technology to Provide Access to Blind, Low-Vision, and Dyslexic Patrons,” 90 Law Library Journal 157 (1998)


    Janis L. Johnston

    “Managing the Boss.” 89 Law Library Journal 245 (1997)


    James S. Heller

    “The Impact of Recent Litigation on Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery,” 88 Law Library Journal 158 (1996)


    Myra K. Saunders

    “California Legal History: A Review of Spanish and Mexican Legal Institutions,” 87 Law Library Journal 487 (1995)


    Richard Pearse

    “Library Open-Distribution Systems and Copyright Infringement in Canada and the United States,” 86 Law Library Journal399 (1994)


    Donald Jack Dunn

    “Why Legal Research Skills Declined, or When Two Rights Make a Wrong,” 85 Law Library Journal 49 (1993)


    Katherine Topulos

    “A Common Lawyer’s Bookshelf Recreated: An Annotated Bibliography of a Collection of Sixteenth Century English Law Books,” 84 Law Library Journal 641 (1992)


    Peter W. Martin

    “The Future of Law Libraries in Changing Institutions, or the Hazards and Opportunities of New Information Technology,” 83 Law Library Journal 419 (1991)


    Theodore A. Mahr

    “An Introduction to Law and Law Libraries in India,” 82 Law Library Journal 91 (1990)


    Bruce M. Kennedy

    “Confidentiality of Library Records: A Survey of Problems, Policies, and Laws,” 81 Law Library Journal 933 (1989)