AALL Training for SIS Leadership

Virtual SIS Leadership Trainings


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  1. SIS Rosters on AALLNET
  2. Annual Reports
  3. Contracts
  4. Speaking on Behalf of AALL
  5. SIS Toolkit
  6. Annual Meeting
    1. SIS Events’ Sponsorships
    2. SIS VIP Program
    3. Scheduling SIS Meetings at the Annual Meeting
  7. Finance
    1. Revenue and expenses for submission
    2. SIS Membership dues allocations
    3. SIS quarterly financial Statements


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  1. Body of Knowledge
  2. AALL/Bloomberg Law Continuing Education Grant
  3. Submitting Webinar Proposals to CPE
  4. Virtual Coffee Chats
  5. SIS Produced Annual Meeting Programs

Marketing & Communications

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  1.  Following the AALL Brand Resources
  2. Connect with other members through AALL Publications
    1. AALL Spectrum – Talk about a recent project or have members author a column
    2. Share news about your SIS or its members in the Community section of the eNewsletter

Membership & Technology

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  1. SIS Membership Lists
  2. Promoting the Value of AALL Student Membership; Member Get a Member Program
  3. Accessing the Council of SIS Chairs community and general SIS communities; sending discussion messages
  4. Updating SIS Websites
  5. Requesting AALL’s GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar license
  6. SIS Events on the AALL Calendar
  7. Requesting AALL’s Online Election System

Training Manuals

SIS Leadership Training Manual 2020-2021
SIS Leadership Training Manual 2019-2020