Caucus Guidelines

Approved March 2012
Revised July 2012, Board Meeting, Tab 14

I. Purpose and Definition

  1. Members of the Association may submit an application form, via agenda item, to the Executive Board for the creation of a Caucus for the following purposes consistent with the goals and mission of the Association:
    1. Shared background of members
    2. Shared work environments
    3. Shared professional interests
    4. Those that arose out of the work of a Special Committee or other Executive Board directive
  2. Definition of a Caucus: A Caucus is an informal group of at least 15 AALL members who share a common interest in line with one of the above-stated purposes and whose area of interest does not conflict with any other established entity of the Association.

II. Relationship with AALL

Caucuses may be created and governed according to the conditions and guidelines set forth below, or in the absence of such conditions, according to such guidelines as the Executive Board sets forth.

III. Establishment of a Caucus

Caucuses are created by vote of the Executive Board approving the written application. The application shall state the purpose of the proposed Caucus, names of at least 15 individual members of the Association, the contact information for the caucuses' formation leadership, and a written statement explaining how the caucus' objectives will further those of the Association.

IV. Re-registration of Caucus

Caucuses are required to re-register every three (3) years by Oct. 1. Initial re-registration for all caucuses would be required as of Oct. 1, 2012.

V. Membership

Caucus membership is open to all members. Members may affiliate with one or more Caucuses.

VI. Governance

Each Caucus shall be encouraged but not required to adopt a structure, such as Bylaws, for its own governance. Any governance structure adopted shall not be in conflict with the Bylaws or Policies of the Association. Whenever the Caucus Bylaws are adopted or amended, they shall be submitted to the Bylaws Committee for review. When the Executive Board, on the advice of the committee, determines that a Caucus Bylaw is in conflict with the Bylaws of the Association, the Caucus shall be directed by the Board to remedy said conflict in accordance with the recommendation of the committee.

VII. Chair

  1. The only required office within a Caucus shall be that of Chair.
  2. A chair shall be chosen from among the members of a Caucus by any method those members shall choose: election, appointment, or volunteer.
  3. The term of office of a chair shall be until a successor is chosen or the Caucus is dissolved. The former chair shall be required to communicate the name, address, and date of assumption of office of the new chair to the Caucus Liaison.

VIII. Funds

The caucus shall not collect dues or any funds in support of the caucus or maintain any financial account in the name of the caucus or the Association. No caucus shall incur indebtedness for the Association.

IX. Caucus Liaison

A Caucus Liaison will be an AALL staff person designated by the Executive Director. The Caucus Liaison will serve as a point of contact and information for caucuses.

X. Annual Reports

Each caucus shall submit an annual report on its activities at a time set by the Caucus Liaison.

XI. Dissolution

Voluntary dissolution of a Caucus shall be by petition signed by a simple majority of caucus members registered on the caucus community on AALLNET as of the date of petition signature and submitted to the Executive Board. The Executive Board reserves the right to dissolve a caucus in consultation with the caucus leadership if the Executive Board determines that the actions of the caucus jeopardize the filing status of the Association or subject the Association to potential liability or for continued failure to abide by Association Policies.

XII. Applicability

These guidelines apply to all caucuses in existence on the adoption date of these guidelines and all future caucuses.