Awards Schedule & Notification Procedures



Awards "Call for Nominations" via AALL eNewsletter, AALL Communities, Listservs, and AALL Spectrum

March 1

Nominations/Applications Due


Nomination Review and Selection

May 1

Deadline for Award Recipient Forms (every award must be submitted on the "Award Recipient" form in order to appear in the awards brochure).


Letters to be sent via email to the award recipients and other appropriate parties. Information regarding the Awards Luncheon and Presentation will be included.


eBriefing of Awards Announcement sent to the membership.


AALL Award Recipient Information Form due May 1.

  1. Notify recipient(s) of award. Verify with the recipient the information needed for the Award Recipient form (see form procedures below). It is important to confirm with the recipient how they want their name and/or institution information to appear.
  2. Inform recipient that award disclosure is confidential until the official AALL announcement in mid-May.
  3. Notify the person(s) who submitted the winning nomination. Inform the nominator(s) that award disclosure is confidential until the official AALL announcement in mid-May.
  4. Notify the individuals who submitted nominations that were not chosen. The notification should thank the individual for taking the time to submit the nomination and note that the committee/jury chose another recipient from the pool of nominations.


  1. In the "Name of Recipient" box, indicate the name of the award winner (individual, institution, business, chapter etc.).
    BE SURE TO CONFIRM with the award winner how the name should appear.
  2. In the "Institution" box, include the name of the institution, exactly as the award recipient wants it to appear.