AALL/LexisNexis Call for Papers Committee

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AALL/LexisNexis Call for Papers Competition


Process Committee


The committee serves to promote the scholarship of the Association’s membership by administering the Call for Papers competition, and providing learning opportunities that promote writing skills.


The committee shall promote the writing of scholarly papers and coordinate a program at the Association’s Annual Meeting offering an opportunity for the winners of the prize to present their work highlighting various aspects of their writing process. To this end, the committee shall establish categories or divisions of eligibility of the appropriate criteria for selection of winning works; review and set the number of creative works which will be selected as winners; administer any financial award which may be available for distribution to winners; and review papers or creative works and select winners. The committee shall recommend to the editor of the Law Library Journal those papers which are suitable for publication.


The committee reads five to 10 scholarly papers with a week turnaround time during two weeks in spring, one in March and in May. Members participate in three conference calls, one in the fall and two in the spring. Other tasks are spread out over the year including sending announcements to different lists, pre-conference work in the spring, and registration and promotion for the writing workshop. Some work is required at the AALL Annual Meeting including working at the CONELL Marketplace table, the writing workshop, and the Call for Papers presentation. Note: Time commitments are estimates from past assignments and can change with new projects or requests for assistance from the Executive Board.


Membership on the committee shall normally be for two years, except that the chair and vice chair will each serve three years. The returning member selected as vice chair at the end of the first year shall serve in that capacity in the second year, and become the Chair of the committee for an additional third year.


The Committee will consist of a chair, vice chair, three members, and a non-voting Executive Board and staff liaison.


  • Goal I: Talent
  • Goal II: Engagement


AALL is committed to diversity and inclusion.  Minority candidates are encouraged to apply, and receipt of one award does not preclude the candidates from receiving a second award.


The committee works with the Annual Meeting Program CommitteeAALL Spectrum Article of the Year Award Jury, and Law Library Publications Award Jury in partnership to promote and reward the scholarly endeavors of the Association’s members.