Conduct of Election Policy

Approved by the Executive Board, November 1998, Tab 8
Revised April 2014, Tab 29
Revised April 2015, Tab 29
Revised April 2017, Tab 23


The following policy governs candidates during the election process for office in AALL. It is intended to assure that all candidates are treated fairly and equitably and that they are able to participate in the election process without undue political pressure from member groups, or excessive requirements to commit their time or other resources to the election process. Candidates are encouraged to become well informed about Association issues in the event that they are asked to comment on them in one of the ways permitted by this Policy.

Candidates should do all they can to ensure that Association entities, and Chapters, treat fairly and equitably themselves and other candidates for the same position on the Executive Board.


  1. Candidates may not campaign for elected office nor engage in activities specifically designed to persuade members to vote for them. Activities not permitted include: distributing promotional items and using social media to directly promote their candidacy.
  2. Candidates may express their opinions or ideas about professional issues dealing with librarianship at any time and in any format.
  3. Candidates may express their opinions or ideas about AALL policies or issues only under circumstances that assure fairness to the other candidates for the same position on the Executive Board. AALL will provide several sanctioned opportunities for presentation of candidates to the AALL membership, including a "Meet the Candidates" event at the AALL Annual Meeting, an online Candidates Forum, and the posting on AALLNET of candidate photos, biographies, and statements. Participation in other election-related events or activities is permitted if all candidates for the same position on the Executive Board are invited to take part.
  4. Candidates may not make promises about future actions that will be taken by the Executive Board. Candidates may not respond to or comment on another candidate's views or positions.
  5. Candidates may participate at meetings, on listservs or blogs, or at other in-person or virtual events sponsored by AALL entities and Chapters which conform to all aspects of this policy.
  6. Candidates shall not seek endorsements.
  7. Without endorsing a candidate, a chair of an SIS or Caucus or a president of a Chapter may inform its membership that one or more of its members is a candidate for office.
  8. AALL media may not be used for campaign purposes, unless it is an AALL event in which all candidates are invited to participate.