Executive Board Administration Committee

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Executive Board Committee


The Administration Committee oversees and makes recommendations to the Executive Board on how the Board and the Association conduct business and assists with keeping policy and procedural information up-to-date.


The Administration Committee shall regularly review how the Executive Board and the Association conduct meetings and develop policies and procedures, and shall make recommendations to the Executive Board as needed on meeting conduct, follow-up, record-keeping and communication with the membership. It shall monitor the implementation of policy and procedure decisions made by the Board and the Association to ensure that they are being followed and that AALLNET, the AALL Directory and Handbook and other Association records relating to policy and procedures are kept current. It shall assist the Vice President/President-Elect with orientation of new Executive Board members as needed, annually review and assist staff with revising of Handbook information and annually update Board member position descriptions and other Board procedural information. The Committee shall carry out other related duties as assigned by the President.


The chair should be a third year Executive Board member. Most members should be second or third year Board members, though one may be a first year Board member.


Chair and members are appointed by the Vice President/President-Elect for a one-year term, but may be reappointed.


The Committee shall consist of a Chair and two to four members. The Executive Director shall serve as staff liaison.