LexisNexis Research Grant Jury

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Award Jury


The jury will review all nominations received for the LexisNexis Research Grant for both the fall and spring grant cycles. Grant recipients for the fall cycle will be selected in December, and grant recipients for the spring cycle will be selected in May. However, if no grant application is deemed sufficiently qualified, no grants will be made. The names of the grant award winners will be submitted to the Awards Committee.

Time Commitment

Jury members will work during the month of May and December to review all nominations submitted and in selecting the award recipients. All nominations are due by December 1 and May 1, and the award recipient(s) will be selected within a month of the deadline.


Membership on the jury will be for one year.


The jury will consist of a chair, vice chair, five members, and a non-voting Executive Board and staff liaison.

Strategic PLAN

  • Goal 1: Championing Excellence
  • Goal 3: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Goal 4: Pipeline to the Profession