Calendar for Committee Chairs

This calendar is intended to serve as a reminder of activities required by specific dates. The chair is responsible for seeing that the committee meets all deadlines. While the AALL Executive Staff and/or your Board liaison will provide a “tickler” service reminding the chair of important dates, the chair must remain aware of major dates which will have an impact on the work of the committee.

By Month


  • Request for Committee action plans sent to committee chairs.


  • Request for fall Executive Board Meeting agenda items sent to committee chairs.
  • Committee action plans due on September 30.


  • AALL new Fiscal Year begins October 1.
  • Call for Annual Meeting Program Proposals.
  • Fall Executive Board meeting agenda items due.


  • Fall Finance and Budget Committee meeting.
  • Fall Executive Board meeting.
  • Annual Meeting program proposals due.
  • Call for Committee/Jury Volunteers sent to all members. Prepare to provide recommendations/comments in the selection of the incoming vice chair.


  • Preliminary Annual Meeting scheduling form sent to committee chairs.


  • Request for spring Executive Board meeting agenda items sent to committee chairs.
  • Deadline for AALL to receive Annual Meeting scheduling forms.


  • Spring Board meeting agenda items due.
  • AALL Appointments Committee meets.


  • Vice President/President-Elect completes board liaison assignments.
  • Finance and Budget Committee meeting.


  • Spring Executive Board Meeting.
  • Committee rosters on AALLNET are updated with the new committee members for the next Association year. Committee chairs and vice chairs are notified when updated rosters are available online.
  • Annual Meeting activities area information sent to committee chairs.


  • Request for July Executive Board meeting agenda items sent to committee chairs.
  • Request for annual reports sent to committee chairs.


  • Agenda items for the summer Executive Board Meeting due.
  • Deadline for return of activities area form.
  • Committee annual reports due on June 30.


  • Executive Board approves budget for next fiscal year at its July Board meeting.