III: Renee D. Chapman Memorial Award for Outstanding Contributions in Technical Services Law Librarianship


Presented to an individual or group in recognition of extended and sustained distinguished service to technical services law librarianship and to AALL. Honorees may be recognized for achievement in a particular area of technical services, for service to the Association, or for outstanding contributions to the professional literature. These achievements may include, but need not be limited to, the publishing, presenting, or sharing of innovative techniques or research, analysis, or commentary; or developing software, hardware, or other mechanisms that significantly enhance access to law library materials and collections. These contributions may be applied in the functional areas of processing, preservation, or technical services administration. Contributions may also consist of service to TS-SIS as a whole.


Members of AALL may submit the names of persons for consideration to the chair of the TS-SIS Awards Committee. Nominations must included the candidate’s full name, title and current firm, company or institution name, and address; or, if retired, name and last previous place of work and home address. Letters of nomination must be signed by a person other than the individual(s) being nominated. Each nomination should include a complete list of projects, programs, and/or publications of the candidate and a description of the candidate’s work with respect to improvements in bibliographic control or access to legal materials and services. All documentation must be submitted in typed form.


The deadline for nominations is February 1.


One award may be presented annually. There is no requirement that an award be given each year, but according to the Bylaws one should be presented at least every other year.

5. JURY.

The TS-SISĀ Awards Committee serves as the jury. The committee is appointed by the TS-SIS Executive Board and consists of a chair and at least two other members. The committee is responsible for receiving and evaluating award nominations, selecting the award recipient, and publicizing the award.


In selecting the award recipient, the committee will consider how and to what extent each contribution extends the theoretical foundations or practical elements of the bibliographic control of and access to legal materials within and throughout law libraries regardless of library type or size.

Each candidate nominated for the award will be considered individually and confidentially and will be judged according to the criteria noted above. To ensure confidentiality, contact with members of the SIS other than the nominating party and the committee members should be avoided.

The committee chair will provide each committee member with the list of candidates and access to all materials submitted in the nomination process. In the interest of economy, some materials may be shared among the members of the committee. The chair will engage in discussion with the committee members to determine if any of the candidates should receive the award. The final vote on the award will be conducted by ballot, with each committee member having one vote. A candidate must receive a majority of the votes in order to be designated as the award recipient. If no candidate receives a majority of the committee votes, no award shall be given.

Voting will be completed by April 1.


The Awards Committee chair will make arrangements for AALL headquarters to order an appropriate plaque for the recipient, and will take possession of the plaque before the TS-SIS business meeting.


The Awards Committee chair will inform the committee, the TS-SIS chair, the AALL Awards Committee chair, and AALL headquarters of the name of the winner, or of the fact that no award is to be made. Public announcement of the award may be made thirty (30) days later. The award will be presented by the Awards Committee chair at the TS-SIS business meeting during the AALL annual meeting. The award recipient will be listed in the awards brochure distributed at the annual meeting. The chair of the Awards Committee is responsible for publicizing the name and contribution of the recipient in a timely manner through all appropriate channels.

Revised July 2011