Request for Webinar Proposals

Do you have an idea for a webinar?

AALL invites you to contribute to a great community of experts by providing trends, best practices, and innovations on a broad range of topics that will inspire your colleagues across the profession.


Proposals will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, and you will be notified within 30 days of your submission. Webinar proposals must relate directly to topics important to law librarians and legal information professionals, and address domain and skill areas identified within the AALL Body of Knowledge.  Members are encouraged to submit proposals at any time.

  • AALL will develop a timeline and work with you to finalize the program details.
  • Webinars are scheduled monthly from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm central on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
  • A dry run is scheduled about a week before the live broadcast to ensure a smooth production.
  • AALL will not accept webinar proposals intended solely to promote commercial products.


Please use the AALL Webinar Proposal Form to create your proposal. Please be clear and succinct when providing webinar details.

  1. Length: Recommended lengths for webinars range from 30-60 minutes.
  2. Title: It should pique the reader’s interest.
  3. Date
  4. Description: Write a short description that can be used for marketing.
  5. Takeaways: Provide the 2-3 key points the audience will learn from this webinar.
  6. Body of Knowledge Domain(s): Topics need to adhere to the AALL Body of Knowledge (BoK).
  7. Target Audience: Who will benefit the most from attending this session? (Be specific but think outside the type-of-library box, too.)
  8. Speakers: Please list speakers names. Include email addresses and short bios (you can provide links to speaker bios and should indicate any speaker costs).
  9. Moderator: Please list moderator name. Include email address and short bio (you can provide link to moderator bio).
  10. Coordinator: Provide the name of the person who will coordinate the webinar. This person will work with colleagues to support the program.
  11. Audience Engagement: What participant engagement strategies have you considered to keep the audience engaged during the webinar (i.g. poll questions, eye-catching slides, big ideas, case studies, learning to-do’s, etc.)?

For more information or questions regarding webinar proposals, please contact AALL eLearning.