Request for Webinar Proposals

Do you have an idea for a webinar?

AALL invites you to contribute to a great community of experts by providing trends, best practices, and innovations on a broad range of topics that will inspire your colleagues across the profession. Email your ideas or submit a webinar proposal.


Proposals will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and you will be notified within 30 days of your submission. AALL encourages and supports AALL entities in the development of webinars. Webinar content can be generated and delivered to members throughout the year.

Members with an interest in contributing to educational programming are encouraged to propose webinars at any time. Proposals will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. AALL will provide support for the production of selected webinars.

Webinar proposals must relate directly to topics valuable to law librarians and legal information professionals in associated environments. Proposals need to address issues, raise important questions, solve problems or provide practical knowledge and innovative approaches that deliver results.

After reviewing your proposal, AALL may ask you to modify it to meet specific objectives of the webinar. AALL will not accept webinar proposals intended solely to promote commercial products.

While webinar lengths can vary, they generally last one (1) hour (a presentation of 40-50 minutes with 10-15 minutes for questions). Webinars are scheduled monthly from 12pm to 1pm Eastern time on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

It takes about three months to produce a successful webinar. After the topic, program date, and speaker commitment are established, AALL will develop a timeline and work with you to finalize the title, description, learning outcomes/takeaways, and speaker bios, and will review the webinar outline to ensure a successful program.

AALL will handle webinar registration and assist with promotion through established channels. AALL will assist with coaching the moderators/speakers on the use of the webinar software, and provide best practices for webinar delivery and webinar technical support. A dry run is held about a week before to ensure a smooth production.


Please use the AALL Webinar Proposal Template to create your proposal, addressing the criteria below, and submit it as an emailed MS Word document. Please be clear and succinct when providing webinar details.

  1. Title (It should pique the reader’s interest enough to encourage them to read more.) Preferably something catchy, but if you don’t have a title, please provide the webinar topic.
  2. Takeaways (Provide the 2-3 key points the audience will take away from this session and be able to put into use. They should reflect the topic’s importance to the industry and apply to attendees in a real and practical way.)
  3. Describe the content and goals of this session (in approximately 100 words, please). (What’s the problem/opportunity/scenario/challenge that makes the takeaways relevant? Your description should sell the session.)
  4. Who will benefit the most from attending this session? (Be specific, but think outside the type-of-library box, too.)
  5. Length
    Recommended lengths for webinars range from 30-75 minutes.
  6. Speakers
    Have specific speakers been identified – or at least a type of speaker, one who can address one or more components of the webinar? Briefly describe what qualifies the speaker(s) to deliver content related to the webinar topic. Is this speaker a good presenter? Has speaker presented on a webinar or program in the past? Ideally, any proposed speakers are already committed to participate. Do you anticipate any speaker expenses? How much?
  7. Audience Engagement
    What participant engagement strategies have you considered to keep the audience engaged during the webinar (i.e. poll questions, eye-catching slides, big ideas, case studies, learning to-do’s, etc)?
  8. Coordination
    Who would be putting the program together? Would the person coordinating the webinar also moderate it? Work with your colleagues to ensure successful support for the program.
  9. Submission
    Please submit a webinar proposal by email as an electronic attachment to

For more information or questions regarding webinar proposals, please contact, Celeste Smith, AALL director of education for more information.