Strategic Directions


Approved by the Executive Board July 2016

Core Purpose

AALL advances the profession of law librarianship and supports the professional growth of its members.

Core Organizational Values

  • Lifelong learning and intellectual growth.
  • Commitment to diversity.
  • Equitable and permanent public access to legal information.
  • Continuous improvement in access to justice.
  • Community and collaboration.
  • The essential role of law librarians within their organizations and in a democratic society.


AALL and its members will be the recognized authority in all aspects of legal information.

AALL’S Three-Year Goals & Objectives


Goal: To be the profession’s hub of information, the authority and creator, conduit and co-collaborator of industry information. Liberate resources from silos and make them available to all members.

  1. Objective: Create an innovation incubator, to facilitate innovation within the Association and the profession, resulting in the creation of compelling ideas and products.
    Success measures
    : Launch an innovation incubator which has taken on its first project.Initial Outcome: A business plan for the creation of the incubator. (July 2017)
  2. Objective: Create a knowledge management system which involves members and key stakeholders in creating, capturing, sharing and using knowledge.
    Success measures
    : Facilitates decision-making capabilities, measured by time for board and staff to make decisions; builds our learning capacity as measured by ability to streamline operations and processes for members, leaders and staff; and stimulates cultural change and innovation as measured by increase in innovative programs and services for members, as well as wins on advocacy front.
    Initial Outcome: 
    A project plan and timeline for the system. (April 2017)
  3. Objective: Improve how member knowledge is brought into the content creation process.
    Success measures
    : Increase the number and diversity of members involved in content creation by 10%.Initial Outcome: An assessment of how member knowledge is currently solicited. (November 2017)
  4. Objective: Create evergreen process for identifying current and emerging competencies that translate into actionable knowledge points to apply to education, publications and programs.Success measures: Established knowledge domains and associated competencies that define the core skills necessary for legal information professionals to be successful. They will clearly define the essential knowledge domains, and associated skills sets necessary for every level of a person’s career (strategic, applied, and foundational).Defined way to use the competencies as the universal benchmark against which legal information professionals can be assessed, and develop and deliver professional development programs and tools to meet these benchmarks.Initial Outcome: Plan developed to create knowledge domains and competencies for AALL. (November 2016)


Goal: Provide a platform and opportunities for meaningful engagement between and among members and key stakeholders throughout their careers.

  1. Objective: Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the community to increase member communication and eliminate information silos.
    Success measures
    : Increased collaboration across segments, disciplines and AALL groups as tracked by activity and member surveys.Initial Outcomes: A project plan for the evaluation process (November 2016), and completed evaluation and recommendations. (April 2017)
  2. Objective: Evaluate the current membership model as it relates to member involvement and community to deepen engagement and grow the membership.
    Success measures
    : Working definition for member engagement and tracked increase in engagement based on that definition; increased recruitment, retention and loyalty.Initial Outcomes: Review of current membership model and dues structure and recommendations (November 2016), and review of member engagement opportunities, and recommendations for an effective strategy for increasing opportunities for participation. (July 2017)
  3. Objective: Build strong relationships with affiliated entities, stakeholders and related professional associations.
    Success measures
    : Strong viable relationships with other groups that have expanded our capabilities, aided in advocacy, and extended the brand image for the profession and association.
    Initial Outcome: 
    A guiding strategy and performance measurements for evaluating outcomes from these relationships. (November 2018)


Goal: AALL and the profession are recognized experts in the field of legal information within the legal community.

  1. Objective: Develop the appropriate public relations infrastructure to reinforce AALL as the Association of thought leaders in legal information.
    Success measures:
     Identified members with subject expertise to leverage AALL as the resource for the media, legal community, and public regarding legal information, and the successful placement of articles, programs, and curated content within the legal community’s news and information networks.
    Initial Outcome:
     An assessment of the resources necessary to develop a meaningful public relations infrastructure. (November 2016)